Additional services

… and some rules to make your stay more pleasant.

Pets. Allowed, provided that other visitors, our own animals and birds, and the surrounding nature are not disturbed, and cleanliness is maintained.

Drinking water. From the tap attached to the main building. Filling the caravan’s water tank costs 5.-, no extra charge for on-site consumption or filling water bottles.

Wastewater. There is a facility for emptying the tank, located outside the parking area. Please notify us in advance, the cost for emptying a standard-sized wastewater tank is 5.-

Garbage. There are plenty of places on the premises for disposing of and sorting garbage. We also accept previously accumulated household waste, which incurs an additional fee depending on the amount. Ask for more information!

Dry toilet. Simple and functional. There is a urinal at the back for men. Please do not relieve yourself in random places on the premises!

Electricity. From the sockets attached to the main building. Charging the caravan during the stay costs 5.-, mobile phones and other small devices are included in the price.

Grilling equipment. Classic and upright grills, skewers, firewood, and charcoal. Give us a little notice, and we will prepare everything. A basket of wood or a bag of charcoal with the use of the grill costs 10.-

Internet. The territory has 4G coverage from all major operators, and WIFI is also available. The latter is adequate for basic information exchange but insufficient for heavy streaming.

Laundry. Let us know if you want to do laundry, we will provide you with a laundry bag and return it after washing. You can handle the drying and sorting discreetly yourself.

Hot water. There are no shower facilities on the premises. If desired, we can provide a 20L camp shower filled with warm water.


Our breakfast depends on the season and is made as locally as possible and as simple as possible: fresh eggs from our chickens, Niiduveere seed bread, cheese and vegetables, porridge or pancakes, coffee and tea, juice or milk, and seasonally fish and sausages…

We agree on a suitable combination and time the evening before and serve the food at the desired location, whether in the pizza house, caravan, glamping tent, or even on the sacrificial stone. Price is 7.- per person. Children under 5 years old (inclusive) are free of charge.

Põhja-Eesti Kohalik Toit

More detailed information coming soon. In the meantime, ask the hosts about the available options.

It seems to us that the best brew one can find from Virumaa or indeed from all of Northern Estonia. Quite local too. That’s why we do everything in our power to always have at least three different varieties available on the spot. It must be admitted – it doesn’t always succeed because it slips away like a corn crake into the field. Ask the host.

Our surroundings hold plenty to discover – ancient ruins, rich biodiversity, and protected areas, Malla Manor, the town of Kunda, and of course, the sea. All of this can be explored either independently or with the guidance of the host. We provide a map with a legend and, if desired, a picnic basket.


Discovery tools and toys

We have gathered a variety of nature exploration tools and toys specifically for student groups, which will make your activities even more exciting. Everything outdoors on the premises can be purposefully utilized; just let us know if you wish to use any of the research tools.



Sometimes you just have to jump, and a trampoline comes in handy. We have two different ones available, we’ll choose one together, inflate it, and then it’s peace and quiet. Well, maybe not always… In any case, 1.5 hours of trampoline time costs 10 euros, and it’s suitable for kids up to 7 years old. You can even enjoy it alone.